“A Prayer for Peace”

A nice one here…

Relax Into Success

Dr. Paul Haider - 1Lets pray for peace, we have so many wars going on right now, and we’ve had endless war since the dawn of time. Nothing has been gained by war, we’ve only lost billions of lives and created countless suffering.

Here is a prayer for peace… I hope you will join me.

Oh God, Oh heavenly father, we ask You to bring mankind an endless peace. Please implant every soul with the need to feel peaceful so that war will end. Allow the essence of Your grace to filter through the madness and fill the hearts of mankind with love. Allow that ember of peace that still exists in every heart to expand and become ablaze with unrelenting love.

Allow legends of angels to descend upon battlefields in full glory enveloping every inch with Your white light of love. And allow every single soldier and sailor to see the glory of…

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