An anthropologist reviews “Where to invade next?”, Michael Moore’s powerful new film

Many in the US will be in sheer disbelief at images of actually existing lifestyles achieved by their social counterparts overseas — ordinary workers, students, and prisoners — and will wonder at how badly they have been cheated in the “richest and most powerful nation on earth”.

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Summary: Anthropologist Maximilian Forte reviews Michael Moore’s new film about America. It has been panned by both neoliberals and neoconservatives, more evidence that there is little political polarization among our elites. Forte gives a dispassionate review, looking at it with an anthropologists’ eyes.

“’Where to Invade Next‘ is a powerful, touching film, filled with a humanizing vision of better possibilities, of real solutions and how the US shares their historical roots, that challenge the brutal and degrading reality of gross inequality fostered by the endless greed of the power elites.”

Where to Invade Next

Review of Michael Moore’s
“Where to Invade Next”

By Maximilian C. Forte.
From Zero Anthropology
Reposted with his generous permission

Having seen almost all of Michael Moore’s films to date, I have no difficulty in applauding “Where to Invade Next” as his best film yet. I may have many disagreements with Moore, on his allegiance to…

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2 thoughts on “An anthropologist reviews “Where to invade next?”, Michael Moore’s powerful new film

  1. I saw Michael’s interview with Bill Mahrer, and so I was familiar with the premise of the film. I wish there were a few million more Michael Moores in our country. Dr. Forte’s analysis is right-on, if a bit long. Thanks for sharing!!


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